Behind the scenes - Noa-Zeb has been shooting weddings on the beautiful island of Maui for 7 years.

Native to the Hawaii, Noa has combined his love for the islands with his passion for filmmaking. "Being able to capture paradise through a lens and create a sense of joy for my clients is something I could do for a long time." - Noa

Learning from professional big names such as Still Motion and Ray Roman( two of the worlds leading wedding cinematography companies ), Noa stays up to date with the evolving world of cinematic story telling. He utilizes the latest tools and techniques to deliver an artistic, modern wedding film. 

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We had a great experience working with Noa and Zeb Films Hawaii. We couldn’t be happier with the final product. We highly recommend Zeb Films Hawaii. - Mark & Kevin
I recently had my destination wedding in Maui. While planning for our wedding, my wife and I decided we wanted to have our big day memorialized. We had already hired our photographer (Mike Sidney who is an outstanding photographer) but wanted to have a motion picture to capture elements that a still photograph couldn’t.

After deciding that we were going to hire a videographer I started researching videographers local to Maui. My thought was that if I merely wanted a “video,” I could have an aunt or uncle film it. Anyone can point a video camera and hit “record,” but only a select few have the ability to make a good film.

When I landed on Zeb Films site I knew I had found our crew. Noa has several of his films on his site. I watched all of them and was very impressed. I liked the cinematography, the aesthetic, the musical accompaniments, and editing. In short, each of his films told a story and that was just what I was looking for.

We had great communication with Zeb leading up to our wedding date. On our wedding date, he and crew showed up early to capture the bridesmaids and bride preparing for the day. Not and his crew made sure to film different angles and captured many things that my wife and I were unable to notice - all while not being intrusive or in the way, it was almost as if they were not there. They were all very nice, polite, and respectful.

We received our final cuts a couple of months ago and could not be happier. We received a short film (6-7 minutes) as well as a longer cut. Noa had contacted us so that we could give him a list of songs to incorporate in the film and he did a great job with that. I have to mention that Noa utilized a camera equipped drone. It was awesome. Again, the drone was not present during our ceremony - it did not take away from our event. However, our wedding site was beautiful and Noa was able to capture all that beauty by taking an amazing aerial shot of the site with the drone.

We are extremely happy with what Zeb Films’ created for us. - Christy & Roger