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Noa-Zeb has been shooting weddings on the beautiful island of Maui for the past 10 years.

Native to Hawaii, Noa-Zeb has combined his love for the Hawaiian islands with his passion for filmmaking. "Being able to capture these amazing moments and piece a meaningful film together is such a tremendous privilege.  and create a story of them  is something I could do for a long time" - Noa-Zeb

Learning from professional big names such as Still Motion and Ray Roman ( two of the worlds leading luxury wedding/ story telling film industry leaders), Noa-Zeb stays up to date with the evolving world of cinematic filmmaking. He utilizes the latest tools and techniques to deliver an artistic modern wedding film, driven by the story of his couples. 

Ready to call action on your wedding film? - Give us a call at 808-283-2739, or email us at info@zebfilmshawaii.com


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